Lenco L 70 Intruduction Manual

Lenco L 70 Cutting Template

Lenco L 70 Operating Instructions

For sale from an estate an original Lenco L-70 record player, freshly refurbished by an audio specialist, manufactured between 1958-67 by Lenco AG in Burgdorf, Switzerland.

The technical data come from the homepage hifi-wiki.de:
– Plate speeds: between 30 – 86 revolutions / min. infinitely adjustable,
precisely adjusted latches at 16 2/3, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm.
– Speed fine adjustment given
– Drive type: Four-pole motor with conical axis 15 VA, switchable 115-145V-220V/50 Hz
Turntable: 3.7 kg, zinc injection moulding, diameter 306mm
– Material of the tonearm: Aluminium
– Special features: infinitely variable speed regulation, excellent synchronisation due to horizontal drive via conical axis, exceptionally heavy turntable, lowering device for the tonearm

The turntable comes with an original cover.

Condition of the device:
The device has been cleaned and tested by an audio professional. The Pic-Up, the needle and the drive wheel have been renewed due to aging and are no longer „original”. The turntable runs flawlessly.
On the glass of the hood it has 2 scratches, on the wood some traces of use, which were photographed. Otherwise, the turntable is in very good condition as the expert also confirmed to us.