• Sony NT-2 is an improved version of the Sony Digital Micro Recorder NT-1.Both models are designated by “Scoopman” and use the same type of cassette tape, developed by Sony. The NT cassette tape is the world smallest tape cassette.Both recorders use the Sony NT Non Tracking system. This system uses a miniature rotary head drum doing helical scanning of the tape in a way similar to that of used in video tape recorders. The rotary heads rotate at double speed and the reading of tracks provides one complete track and two track segments. The track synchronization is obtained by a special chip that detects the signals of the valid track, rejecting the other segments, avoiding the complication of the mechanical synchronization of tracks.Specifications:· Recording Format: NT format
    · Tape: Digital micro cassette tape (NT cassette tape)
    · Recording system: Helical scan 2 heads, digital recording
    · Recording heads: 4 heads
    · Recording time: 60 minutes (with the supplied NTC-60)
    · Tape speed: 6.35 mm/s
    · Drum rotation: 3000 rpm
    · Error correction: Cross-interleaving code
    · Track pitch: 9.8 µm
    · Sampling frequency: 32 kHz
    · Modulation system: LDM-2
    · Number of channels: 2-channel, stereo
    · Quantization: 12 bit non-linear (equivalent to 17 bit)
    · Frequency response: 10 Hz to 15,000 Hz (+ 1, -3dB)
    · Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 80 dB (1 kHz, IHF-A, 20 kHz, LPF, LINE IN)
    · Dynamic range: More than 80 dB
    · Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.08%
    · Wow and flutter: Below measurable limit (less than 0.001% W.Peak)
    · Power requirements: DC 1.5 V; Size AA (LR6) battery or AC power adaptor
    · Battery life: Approx. 5 hours (consecutive recording), Approx. 3 hours (consecutive playback) (with Sony alkaline battery LR6)
    · Lithium battery life: Approx. 1 year (for clock and calendar)
    · Power consumption: Approx. 300 mW
    · Mass: 155 g; 210 g (including the headphones, Sony battery LR6, and one NT cassette tape NTC-60)

Sony NT-2 brochure

Sony NT-2 Operating Instructions